About The Hollows


The Hollows are your next favourite rock n roll band….you just don’t know it yet! Based in Glasgow, the Hollows are bringing back big tunes, proper guitar parts and choruses that will be ringing in your ears for days.


The band comprises two lead frontmen in Wull Brand and Gregor MacDonald on guitars and vocals, both bringing different dynamics and energy to the songs. Completing the line up is Andy Anderson on keys reinforced with Gary Harkin on drums and Stevie Forbes on the bass.


The band are known for their explosive live sets which need to be seen. Their performances are sweaty, the songs are fast and their sound is loud! With a diverse range of musicals influences, it’s hard to pinpoint the Hollows sound. The band have quickly gathered a loyal following both on the live circuit and on social media.


The Hollows take pride in recording producing and editing all their songs and videos, regularly giving their fans insights into demos, b-sides and acoustic versions of their material.


The bands’ debut single Nightly Lately, is an energetic burst of snarling vocals, driving rhythm section and a killer chorus. The acoustic version of the song has already attracted 4000 views on Facebook in only 3 days. This is the song to bring the Hollows into your life.


The Hollows are here!